Guarantee & Refunds

Blame it on my southern roots, but I always stand by my word.

You have given me your trust.

And I won't let you down!

If you are on this page, my service hasn't met your expectations

I'm sorry for that!

But I won't make you feel sorry for giving it a try.

Because all it takes are a few simple steps, and you have your money back.

I have outlined them for you below

How to receive your money back

=> Visit!/

=> Go to Order Lookup and fill in your information.

=> You then receive a verification code to your email to access your order with me

=> Select Cancel My Subscription / Request a Refund

=> In the Your Order Details page, click Request Refund (if you are refunding)

=> You can then claim your refund by stating the reason from the “What is the Problem?” dropdown

=> You may also choose: Other”

=> Click on the “Cancel Subscription” radio button

=> Or you may also click on Tech Support Request, if you need Tech Support instead

=> Then click on the Send to Seller button.

Clickbank processes your request in 2-3 business days and sends you your money